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Please note that our lease has now expired and has not been renewed; as a result we will be vacating our site from 20th January 2011 after many happy years here.

One thing that really needs to be made very clear is that is not the end for Surrey Downs Sun Club – This is a new beginning.   Initially we shall be a ‘landless club’ but hope that in the foreseeable future we will once again have our own home.

Further details will be posted as they become available.

Enter the Surrey Downs Sun Club for naturists and enjoy fun and tranquility whilst leaving the stresses of the world outside.

If you would like to find out more about the Club, please explore our website using the links at the top of the screen.

Beware - the site does have some pictures of people in the nude - if you would find this offensive, please exit our website now.

We were founded in 1941, became a members club in 1954, administered by an annually elected committee. We are primarily a couples / family naturist social club of all generations. Whilst we do not practice a quota system for unattached members, we do seek to preserve a reasonable balance of numbers consistent with the spirit of naturism.

Our ethos is for all members to enjoy themselves whilst contributing to the well-being and happiness of others. The club has an active social calendar throughout the year.

Set in the beautiful Surrey Hills "Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty", we welcome summertime weekend visitors and have camping and overnight facilities. Arrangements for visits need to be made in advance. Surrey Downs Sun Club can be easily accessed by all major London train stations and London City Airport. (Click here for parking options)

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