SDSC Summer Getaway Questionnaire

This summer we are going to have a huge and fun summer party! It’s going to be residential and it’s going to have all of that signature nudist fun atmosphere that we all know and love. But this year we really want it to be your SDSC summer getaway so we are going to ask you a few questions about what you want out of a summer getaway. Please send your answers to the normal address!

  1. What is your favourite place?
    1. The beach
    2. The forest
    3. The Mountains
    4. Cardiff
  2. Which is your favourite activity?
    1. Nude Tennis
    2. Nude Chess
    3. Nude funk jam
    4. Nude Cheese making
  3. What’s your favourite colour?
    1. Blue
    2. Red
    3. Green
    4. Skin
  4. Who is your favourite?
    1. John Inverdale
    2. Charles Manson
    3. Peter Cushing
    4. Billy No-Mates
  5. How much is there?
    1. 5
    2. 89
    3. All of them
    4. About eight
  6. How would you most like to while away a sunny afternoon?
    1. Sun Bathing
    2. Playing cards
    3. Drinking hard liquor
    4. Fights
  7. Do you like the company of those significantly younger than yourself?
    1. No
    2. Yes
    3. Not normally, but in special circumstances
    4. Yes, but only in private
  8. Why do you like Nudest getaways?
    1. The nakedness
    2. Seeing others genitalia
    3. The freedom
    4. Not having to think about what to wear
  9. Who’s the best nudist?
    1. Bobby Bare-Buttocks
    2. Sarah Seen Skin
    3. Nigel The Naked
    4. Nude Derek
  10. Finally, most importantly, how naked?
    1. Very!
    2. Na
    3. Yeah, ok,
    4. Now! NOW! NOW!

Ok, so fill in the questionnaire, let us know your feelings and we will custom design the greatest Nudest getaway ever!


The Convening Of The Nudes, Getting To Manchester, Parking At The Airport

The Convening Of The Nudes is not an insignificant event, not an insignificant event at all. When many naked people are in one place, convening, uniting, joining in a beautiful collection of flesh and life, such humanity is brought about that can shake the very earth itself. Mother nature cannot ignore such an explosion of life, it would be impossible. When we unite and we create our force of life and force of nature, flowers bloom and currents swell. That is the power of the nude form…


So, nudists, unite! All you have to loose is your clothes!

The Nudists disdain to conceal their views and bodies. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing clothes. Let the clothed classes tremble at a Nudist revolution. The Nudists have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.

The Manifesto

We unite in Manchester soon (members should know that nudists can get some special deals on parking at Manchester Airport if they can show their, erm, ‘credentials’) this uniting will start at Manchester Airport (park up there if you are driving, you can use the aforementioned airport parking deal too) we shall unite in all our glorious nakedness and travel forward into the world, showing what nudism can look like and what nudism can do for all those brave and free enough to involve themselves.


We express such freedom, when we unite and share in our un-clothed glory, we express such power and such life. It is a special and glorious thing that can be harnessed to truly change the world. So: let’s change the world.

Good Flooring For Bare Feet…

Designing a place for people to live is a surprisingly different job when you know that everyone who is going to be living in that house will be naked. Naked people have different requirements from a house, and as a designer you have to make different considerations. ‘What do you mean?’ I hear you scream violently, I mean, for instance, no gravel!


You also don’t want flooring inside the house that gets to cold to easy. So I always stump for laminate kitchen flooring, carpet in the living room, and heated tiles in the bathroom. Works a treat! Means those feet are never left annoyed and our guests are always happy. That’s right: always happy. It’s hard no to be happy when your naked and having fun. You know how many fights we’ve had in 30 years of running these events? Only about 70ish. Which is not really all that many really. And a lot of those were started by my daughter Stevie, who is kind of against the whole thing!


A fine piece of laminate flooring in a beautiful kitchen…

We named our daughter after Stevie Wonder. Yes, we thought she was going to be a he, but it makes even more sence that she’s a girl, becuase of Stevie’s wonderful song ‘Isn’t she lovely’ and she is!

A Perfect Place To Be Naked

Once you take your clothes off, once you get rid of that very first layer of personal possession, you notice that you kind of shed all other personal possessions. Once you remove your clothes you are quite aggressively reminded that all of the stuff that we are constantly surrounded by and burdened with are completely meaningless. They are nothing. They are not part of you. Your car, your computer, your house. You realise that these things are not part of you, these things are not yours! They are just objects that you and others have decided to call something and have a few agreements about how they should be treated. That is such a small bunch of nothing! All that is yours is your body.


By the end of a week of nudity and unity it feels very strange putting clothes back on and putting all your possessions back on. I don’t like it. I’ve always found that a very communal and non-individualistic atmosphere breeds at nudist camps. No one’s that special, and we are all open and the same. All things become shared. People don’t look to indulge themselves in ways that hurt others and hurt the world in the way they do in the personal possession individualist saturated world of markets and money, corporations and clothes that we live in most of the time. Our nudist camp, like most others, will be beautifully self-sufficient, we will have amazing alternative fuels (hopefully from our friends at working away making the whole project sustainable and eco-friendly which is a wonderful thing if you ask me!


Get it?

And once people have had their clothes off for a few days, it all just seems completely obvious. Obvious that you would look after the planet. Obvious that you would work to care for the environment around you. Obvious that you would care for others. Obvious that there’s no need for you to obsess over what you have and what you can get. Obviously it becomes obvious that what matters is those around you, their well being, and you and your well being. How are you? How actually are you? Now that’s a real question……

Good Morning All!

Well hello there everyone, welcome to the brand spanking new website of Surrey Nudist Club, a new home for the naked and the happy who want to get together and be nice and naked and happy together! For some of you this might be your firs time looking at a site like this, it might be the first time you’ve considered nudism, it might be the first time you’ve allowed yourself to think of such a thing. It might be the first time you’ve considered anything quite far out of your every day experience, it might be the first time you’ve looked at your life and thought ‘it’s time for a change, a big change, a change far beyond the types of change I’ve been given as options, I need something outside of the ordinary, something exciting, something truly new, something truly transformative’.


Then, maybe, you stepped out of the shower one day and instinctively grabbed for the towel to cover your self up, and you had just started questioning the things you did without thinking enough that you held the towel a foot away from your waist and looked at it, considered it, really thought about what you were doing for the first time in a long time. You dropped your towel, you looked at yourself in the mirror, really looked at yourself for the first time in a long time. Really thought about yourself, looked at how the different parts of your body interacted, remembered that you are a body, that you are a fleshy, red, pale thing. There is something inherently amazing about your existence as a body yet you haven’t focused on it for so long, you’ve become distant from it, distant from your body, distant from yourself.


You walk out into the house, naked. You remember that all the things that you thought you were, that all things you thought defined you, all the things that seemed so essential to you, so part of you, they are nothing, they can be walked away from. You can’t walk away from this, this naked body, that is who you really are.

Putting on clothes was the beginning of shame. Putting on clothes was the beginning of personal possession. Personal possession was the beginning of separation. Separation was the beginning of inequality. Inequality was the beginning of hate. You notice that at nudist camps people don’t just take of their clothes and then every thing else, people tend to shed all personal possessions. Everything is shared by the end. That is the power and the importance of nudity.

So come along!…